My name is Wendi Combes. I am a fellow mom and pediatric nurse with over 20 years of experience in pediatric oncology. Like you, my life changed when my first child was born. When she had concerning issues that modern medicine couldn't help, I left no stone unturned in an effort to help her. In doing so, I was introduced to a new way of healing, and that was through natural or what some refer to as alternative healing methods. When I was able to treat my first ear infection at home I was hooked. I was even more hooked when I was able to confidently walk through high fevers, tummy bugs, coughs, colds without a trip to the pediatrician for each illness. Next thing I knew I was cooking what seemed strange and new to me: healthy food in the kitchen. I became a passionate advocate for nutrient dense food for children and helping them get better the way their bodies are designed to do! Jubilee Health was born as a way for me to help other moms on this journey to know they can lead healthy lives too! I hope you will enjoy all that Jubilee Health Academy has to offer, and please let me know if there is a topic you would like a course on!