Course Description

An Introduction to how natural remedies work and what the best ones are to use in children for safe, gentle and fast healing!

7 short videos to help you understand all about homeopathy, cell salts, herbs, essential oils and more and how to use them in your family for best results.

Pediatric nurse and fellow mom

Wendi Combes

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Learn how homeopathy works fast, safe and EASY!!!

  • 2

    Cell Salts

    • Get the low down on the easy to use much needed food for our cells.. KIDS Love them!

  • 3

    Quinton Marine Plasma

    • This is a MUST to know about in keeping kids well and hydrated!

  • 4


    • Learn how herbs can be helpful for so many illnesses!

  • 5

    Essential Oils

    • Learn how essential oils can be safe and effective for kids

  • 6

    Ear Infections

    • Child have an ear infection? Get the down and dirty to treat easily without antibiotics

  • 7

    Seeing it Work

    • Get a glimpse of how it is used in real life